Best LED Replacement for Parking Lot Lights | How To Refit And Save Money

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What are Street and Parking Lot lights?

Parking lot lights are a kind of street lights that are the most common type of lighting found in urban areas. They are used to illuminate an area during daytime hours, which makes them necessary for safety. If you own or manage a parking lot with old parking lot lights, it helps to consider converting them to LED lighting. Whether you represent a school, municipality, or real estate organization, turning your parking lot lights to LEDs has concrete benefits for you. Updating your parking lot lighting has great potential to improve the look of your space, save you money, increase safety, and provide amazing at-home lighting.

What are the Benefits of using LED Parking Lot Lights?

Energy Savings

LEDs use up to 75% less energy than standard lighting systems and produce better light. The average wattages for LED parking lights range from 65 to 400 watts, while HID (large fluorescent lamps traditionally found in parking lots) range from 400 to 1000 watts. This could result in thousands of dollars in electric savings by switching to LED street lighting.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Output from an LED light fixture degrades very slowly over time, meaning it will take several years for you to have to switch from the parking lot lights on the page. However, fuel source lighting such as HID fixtures quickly loses its functionality and brightness, leading to higher costs for fuel source maintenance with replacements needed on a more regular basis.

Therefore, the service life of LED products can be significantly longer than that of HID lights, which greatly reduces the cost of long-term maintenance of parking lots and area fixtures.


Not only do better-performing LED lights reduce energy and maintenance costs, but they provide better visibility for drivers — that means more road safety if parking lots are poorly lit. If your parking lot is dark or dim, accidents can happen easily. It’s best to invest in efficient lights for the protection of customers, staff, and yourself.

Fewer Fixtures

LED lights offer brighter light with improved life, so parking lot lighting schemes might need fewer fixtures overall. Also, LEDs are designed to spread out light more evenly so you can space them out in different spots throughout the lot — potentially requiring fewer fixtures overall and thus more cost savings.

Which type of led parking lot lights should I get?

LED Pole Lights

High-intensity discharge (HID) and metal halide (MH) lights are traditionally the most popular type of pole lights for parking facilities, but more efficient options exist on the market today. Because their light output significantly decreases over time, high-efficiency organizations no longer recommend these bulbs for pole lighting. Instead, induction lamps or even better LEDs are preferred for parking lots because of their lower energy requirements, good color, and superior durability. Although more expensive, LED outdoor lights have exceptionally long lifespans and help to reduce light pollution.

LED Flood Lights

Floodlights are also useful in parking lots. They can be used to illuminate something you want to highlight, they can be placed on poles, or they can be affixed to the ground in landscaped areas where they will both perform an aesthetic function and provide light output.

Best LED Replacement for Parking lot lights

List of LED Replacement for Parking lot lights:

  1. Lepro 300W LED Parking Lot Light, Shoebox Light with Photocell
  2. Ledmo 200W LED Parking Lot Lights
  3. 150 Watt LED NextGen II LED Flood Light 
  4. 300W Stasun Exterior Parking Lot Light
  5. Hyperikon 150W Cheap LED Parking Lot Lights

1. Lepro 300W LED Parking Lot Light, Shoebox Light with Photocell

The Lepro 300W LED parking lot light offers a maximum output of 39000 lumens of white light, with equivalent to 1000W in metal halide lamps. It also has a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor that automatically detects variations in the amount of incoming light intensity and powers on/off when sunlight is pleasant/dark enough.

Qualitatively, this mass of what you’d find in a shoebox of our fixture is incredible. Moreover, it’s functional for up to dust protection ranking UL security standards and comes with DLC rebate qualification certification too. Furthermore, end users can rely on our landmark 5-year warranty that assures an impulsive luminaire.

At Lepro, besides the 300W parking lot lights, you can also choose between the 100W and 200W wattage LED lights for an outdoor setting. These lights are mostly used in commercial settings with possible areas including parking lots, streets, roads, gardens, terraces, sidewalks, roads, stadiums, and more.

2. Ledmo 200W LED Parking Lot Lights

After installing the Ledmo LED parking lot light on a round pole, an individual would receive up to 5000k Daylight White light. In addition, the easy-to-install waterproof lamp can produce light with 26,000 lumens and create a better night atmosphere. The hollow-out heat sink design makes this light’s weight lighter and has better heat dissipation.

Ledmo 200W LED Parking Lot Lights

Aside from these functions, the adjustable lights can be positioned in different directions. Replacing incandescent lights with this led light not only saves consumption on energy consumption but also saves maintenance. This photocell-driven LED parking lot light can efficiently work under extreme temperatures, and the life expectancy of the LED is about 50000 hours.​​

3. 150 Watt LED NextGen II LED Flood Light 

This 150W LED flood light produces 200,000 lumens for its effectiveness at lighting up a basketball court. It can be mounted anywhere thanks to its adjustable design, and that mounting is quick and easy due to the light’s low weight. This is one of the top lights in its class for use in courts, inclines, walkways, etc.

High-end LED lighting that lasts up to 5 years without needing to be replaced, can be mounted anywhere because it’s waterproof, and the quality is also top of the line. Forget about its light quality, you can use it in all kinds of weather because it outperforms metal halide lights other quality-wise.

150 Watt LED NextGen II LED Flood Light

4. 300W Stasun Exterior Parking Lot Light

Lamps like these are hard to find for under $250, and this one is worth the purchase because it provides an ultra-wide beam angle that covers more area at lower costs. This unit also has 3 light-heads (2 side ones and 1 top light-head), ensuring high visibility in any condition, budget permitting.

IP66 waterproof makes the lamp stand stably even in the heavy rain, thunder, and powerful wind.

300W Stasun Exterior Parking Lot Light

5. Hyperikon 150W Cheap LED Parking Lot Lights

This torch can provide light equivalent to 550 watts worth of what we call high-intensity discharge lamps, which is less likely for people with a shorter financial budget.

This item includes some of the basic functions you need, like bright white light, user-friendly LED light, easy to install, photocell dusk to dawn sensor, and waterproof material. What makes it more affordable is that the power is a bit lower than the above 4 lights. However, it is considered that the manufacturer also provides high-power lamps.

150W Cheap LED Parking Lot Lights


In conclusion, LED parking lot light fixtures are great alternatives for traditional street lamps since of fewer energy costs, fewer maintenance fees, but also greater likely higher performance. Interested in pursuing LED parking lights services for your enterprise? Click to learn more about LED parking lot lights.

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