Why Replace Fluorescent Workshop Lights with LED Shop Lights

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When it comes to lighting, do you ever feel like a room is too dark? It may be the lights themselves. You could do things that will brighten up a room, such as painting it a bright color, but it will only do so much. If you want a brighter room, you’ll need to switch out the lights. 

Why Switch to LED Shop Lights?

In many cases, a semi-dark room uses fluorescent lights, and to brighten it up; you’ll need to switch these lights out for LED shop lights. This is especially true if you have a workshop that needs more light for you to work in. 

LED Shop Lights vs. Fluorescent Shop Lights

LED Shop Lights Immediately Come on

If you have ever watched fluorescent lights come on, you know it can take some time for them to warm up and brighten the room. This doesn’t happen with LED lights. The moment you turn them on, they immediately brighten the entire space. 

LED Shop Lights are Silent

One of the things you’ll notice about fluorescent lights is the humming sound they produce when on. That can get quite annoying after a while. However, LED lights make no sound, giving you the sound of silence. For many people, the distinct humming sound is tolerable but only for so long. With LED lights, there is no reason to tolerate that sound any longer… because there is no sound, just light. 

LEDs Shop are Brighter Lights 

If you work in a shop with fluorescent lights, you may not realize just how dim they are until you install LED lights. That’s because LED lights are incredibly bright. Where the light hardly reached, you’ll now see clearly and plainly. 

Working under fluorescent lights is like working in a spotlight; you don’t have much wiggle room. 

LED lights are completely different. The shop may be small but appear much bigger thanks to these lights. You may not even realize how much space you have in that small area with fluorescent lights. You can also see more of what you are doing and ensure fewer mistakes are being made. 

How to Replace LED Fluorescent with Shop Lights

Install your LED lights as you would your fluorescent lights, making sure they are evenly spaced. You don’t have to omit any lights if you don’t want to. The key is to keep the balance in the room. If you’re installing lights for the first time in the room, you want to make sure they are spaced out evenly to brighten the whole room without overpowering it.

Should You Invest in LED Shop Lights?

If you’re tired of your shop looking dim and dull, then absolutely you should invest in LED shop lights. They do cost you more initially, but the lack of a hum and the brighter light they produce definitely make them the top choice for any space you put them in, especially a shop. They can make any time in your space a good time, and you won’t feel claustrophobic. 

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