25 Pack T8 4ft LED Tube Light, Type A Ballast Compatible, Plug and Play, Double Ended Power, 14.5W Super Bright 2200lm, Daylight White, DLC Rebates Available

25 Pack T8 4ft LED Tube Light, Type A Ballast Compatible, Plug and Play, Double Ended Power, 14.5W Super Bright 2200lm, Daylight White, DLC Rebates Available 7 5 5 1
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Plug and Play: Compatible with most ballasts, the Type A tubes are easy to install and do not require any professional assistance. They can directly be plugged in and played, eliminating the need for rewiring or a ballast change. In this dual-ended lamp, the pins on one end of the tube will be live, and the pins on the opposite end will be neutral. The complete list of the compatible ballast models is listed below.

UL & DLC Certified: Having attained the UL & DLC rating, we can confidently vouch for the quality of our LED tube light. You are also qualified to claim rebates from utility companies for installing these energy-saving lights that further help save money.

High Luminous Efficiency: The Lepro 14.5W LED tube light contributes energy-efficient 2200 lumens of radiant light, equivalent to a 32W traditional fluorescent lamp, which helps save electricity.

Widely Used: Lepro T8 4ft LED Tube Light is ideal for illuminating various scenarios such as workshops, garages, basements, stairwells, warehouses, etc.

Quality Guaranteed: The Lepro LED tube lights come with a 5-year warranty and have a working life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. If you have any queries about our Lepro Type A, T8 4ft LED Tube Light, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service, who will be more than happy to assist you.

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Electronic Ballast Compatibility List

Why choose the Reliable Lepro LED Tube Lights?
  • Lepro LED Tube Lights is UL & DLC listed and comes coupled with exceptional quality critical components like the brand drivers and LED chips.
  • The lifespan of the LED module reaches a maximum of 23.1 years lifetime at 77°F and works for 8 hours per day. with the same brightness, you get lower power consumption and less heating, employing superior heat dissipation materials, extensively improves the lifespan of Lepro LED tubes.
  • The Lepro LED tube lights offer customers an outstanding five-year warranty.
How to Save Thousands of Dollars with the Lepro LED Tube Lights
  • An ultra-long lifespan of 50,000 hours, and a 5-year warranty that will undoubtedly save you hundreds during its lifespan.
  • Premium grade LED drivers with UL & DLC certification listed tube light with 50% energy savings.
  • The Lepro can achieve as high as 130lm/W lumen efficiency, equivalent to a 32W fluorescent tube. Using the Lepro 17W LED tube with 2200 lumens tube, you can save up to 548 kWh per year.
  • Three strenuous screening stress tests are conducted to ensure the quality of every product, including High temperature and high humidity test, Limit temperature test, and Low-temperature Startup Test.

Lepro T8 Type A 4ft LED Tube Lights

T8 Type A 4ft LED Tube Lights

How to Install T8 4ft LED Tube Lights

Install Type A T8 4ft LED Tube Lights
Install Type B single ended T8 4ft LED Tube Lights
Install Type B double ended T8 4ft LED Tube Lights

Q: How to install Lepro Type A T8 Tube Light

A: Plug & Play. The Lepro Type A Tube Light can be easily installed with the ballast by plug-and-play.

Key Features of Lepro LED Tube Light

super bright tube light

Super Bright

Lepro 4FT LED tube light has up to 2200lm output. It delivers 5000K super bright white to enhance the environment with fresh and bright atmosphere.

Energy Saving LED tube light

Energy Saving

The lumen efficiency can achieve as high as 152lm/W. 14.5W Type A LED tube light is equivalent to a 32W traditional fluorescent lamp, providing up to 50% energy savings.

Professional LED Driver

Professional LED Driver

With the professional LED driver, Lepro tube lights are designed to meet stringent EyeComfort requirements for flicker, strobe, glare, and color rendition.

Tube light UL and DLC listed

DLC & UL Listed

Lepro 4' tube light is DLC listed to ensure your rebate chance. In addition, it has passed UL test to ensure your safety.

tube light 5 year warranty

5 Year Warranty

Designed to be among the most reliable and highest-quality LED lights supplies available, Lepro tube lights carry a standard five-year warranty.

bright led security light

No warm-up time

Lepro Tubes are designed to be instant-on with full light output. It means that you can get full brightness as soon as you turned the lights on.

Widely Application for Lepro T8 Tube Light

LED Tube light Application

The Lepro LED tube light is a great option for lighting up the kitchen, garage, workshop, or basement with bright light. It is perfect for various spaces like retail spaces, offices, schools, hospitals, and more.

SKU 190007-DW-US-25 Power Consumption (W) 14.5
Brightness (lm) 2200 Fluorescent Equivalent(W) 32
LED Quantity 120 Light Color Daylight White
Color Temperature (K) 5000 Dimmable Non-dimmable
CRI > 80 Beam Angle (Degree) 150
Input Voltage (v) 120-277V AC Frequency (hz) 60
Power Factor >0.9 Diameter (in) 1.10
Length (in) 48 Net Weight (lb) 0.46
Safety Rating UL, FCC Package Quantity Pack of 25 Units
Warranty 5 Years Energy Rating DLC5.0

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