How to Buy Outdoor LED Flood Lights – 4 Key Points Should be Considered

LED flood lights are widely used for gardens, backyards, garages, parking lot lighting, and more. How to buy the most suitable LED flood lights for your project? 4 key points should be considered.

4 Points to Buy LED Flood Lights

1. Wattage choice
2. Color
3. Motion Sensor
4. Safety certification

1. Wattage Choice

How do you choose the most suitable wattage for your flood lights?

According to the area you wish to light, we have some suggestions.

For garden and backyard lighting, our suggestions are: (depends on your need for brightness)

led flood lights brightness calculation

So, how are these suggestions made? We base it on science and calculation:

Lumens needed = (illuminance Target * Area) / (LLT *CU)
LLT = 0.75
CU = 0.7 for Outdoor LED flood lights

If you are interested in the formula, feel free to contact us.

Different applications, however, will have a different standard applied. Take parking lots for example, which need more light. The illumination requirements are different still for intersections and entrances.

By the way, many LED flood lights provide fake or inflated wattage/brightness information. So, please buy from a trusted brand. Otherwise, your area may not look as bright as you wish.

2. Color

Next we look at how to choose the light color. Daylight white is the most popular choice for outdoor lighting.
If you love a more relaxed environment, though, you can choose warm white. RGB is a good choice for special purposes. For example, party lighting, mood lighting, and other special cases work well with RGB flood lights.

buy rgb outdoor led flood lights

3. Motion sensor

Do you need LED flood lights with motion sensor?

If you want to save on your electricity bill and have a long-lasting product, the answer is yes.

If you want to save the effort of turning your lights on and off every day, the answer is again yes.

However, the price for this is usually at least 30% higher, so you’ll need to factor that into your budget.

4. Safety certification

Do I need to choose LED flood lights with UL or ETL certification?

LED flood lights are electrical products, so the answer is yes. UL or ETL is proof of safety and quality.

However, the price is usually higher for certified products than those without UL or ETL certification.

So, follow above 4 steps and you can buy LED flood lights like an expert.

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  1. I noticed these lights have a remote control device. If I purchased 5-6 of the 50w RGB lights, would I need to use all 5-6 remote control devices that come with the lights or could I use a single remote control device to control all the lights at the same time?

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